“My experience in MIA cannot be described with words. I loved the patience and caring that our teachers give us every moment. What I enjoyed the most were the school trips where we had more time to get to know each other and have fun aside all the school work. It makes me really proud of the fact I had the opportunity to grow as a person in MIA.”

Katherine Lara, Graduate 2018 (Cuba)

“My experience with this fantastic school has been flawless. As a mother sending her son overseas, I was extremely nervous and worried. However,  Bader kept telling me how helpful the staff are which make M.I.A my recommendation to all parents sending their children overseas for good education.”

Houda Kansour, Mother of Bader Jaamour – Graduate 2018 (Syria)

“Being part of the MIA family gives one a sense of belonging to a family far away from home. Due to low numbers of students per class, I was able to enjoy personal and effective help from the teachers who offered undivided attention each time I would experience any difficulty in class. Being at McDonald International Academy allowed me to join one of the most prestigious Universities in Canada.”

Erwan Kira, Burundi (University of Western)

“While the learning is comprehensive and competitive to prepare us for university, I was more overwhelmed by the nurturing environment this school provides. Being an international student living far away from home, it is refreshing to be a part of a school with teachers and staff that genuinely care for your well-being, not just academically, but on all levels.”

Mich Zeng, Graduate 2018 (China)

“Being at MIA taught me how to interact with other cultures and get to know them better. The parties and house games made the school more fun for me. The most important factor for me were the teachers and staff who showed a lot of kindness towards me and taught me a lot. !”

Ali Jafari, Graduate 2017 (Iran)

“I had an incredible year at MIA! I have met awesome teachers who are very supportive and understanding. I received all the help I needed at any time thanks to the staff at school. MIA gave me a year of experience that helped me get to where I am today and I am so grateful!”

Linh Tran, Graduate 2014 (Vietnam)