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About MIA

Established in 1994, McDonald International Academy (MIA) is a fully registered and accredited secondary school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training (Official Training Number: 876674).

We employ the latest pedagogical methods and technological aids to provide students with superior educational opportunities. McDonald is a vibrant academic and social community, boasting the highest North American standards through a collaborative effort from teachers and students alike.

Since our inception, over 10,000 students from over 40 countries have graduated from MIA and successfully entered many famous universities and colleges in Canada and the United States.

Students from around the globe are opting to study in Canada; we hope you will be one of them, and one who chooses MIA!


Principal's Message

Welcome to McDonald International Academy, your home away from home. Our school offers a wide variety of programs and subjects: each with a stimulating curriculum taught by highly qualified, experienced, professional educators who help our students succeed - not only in our school, but also in the future studies and career paths they choose after completing their studies at MIA.

Our school promotes more than academic excellence. We know that students' moral is important too, so we provide a pleasant atmosphere where students can thrive socially in a secure environment. Students tell me how much they like McDonald international Academy and how rewarding this time in their lives has been. I trust that you, too, will greatly enjoy and benefit from your time here.

Your principal and friend,


Fraser Rose.


Our Location


Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and has been ranked as one of the safest, cleanest and most beautiful cities of the world. MIA has two convenient locations in the heart of Toronto.


Main Downtown Campus

Our Main Campus – Downtown is located at the bustling intersection of Yonge/Bloor, one of the safest and most prosperous areas in the City of Toronto. Our neighbour, the Toronto Reference Library, is the biggest public library in the City. The University of Toronto is near by making it convenient for you to learn what the most prestigious university in Canada has to offer. Even closer is the posh area of Yorkville, home to all the upscale boutiques and restaurants of Toronto as well as many celebrity sightings.



 North York Campus

Our North York Campus is located in North York Centre, right next to the North York subway station. The North York Public Library is located within the same building, as well as many excellent public and entertainment facilities nearby. This campus is home to our unique fast track program, where students can finish a credit within 7 weeks year round.


Why Choose MIA?


Accountable Faculty

All teachers at our school have a Master’s degree or higher qualifications, with Ontario Teaching Certificates and extensive teaching experience.

Our experienced and versatile administrative staff share your excitement at experiencing the new country, and new environment, and work hard to make your transition to Canadian social, cultural and educational systems as smooth as possible.

Total Care

At MIA, we believe in providing care and support beyond the classroom for our students, ranging from opening bank accounts and help with extending study permits to providing guidance on their university applications. We are here for you every step of the way, even after you graduate and enter university!

Modern Facilities

MIA’s campuses are equipped with state of the art computer labs, flat screen TV’s in classrooms to facilitate interactive learning and free Wi-Fi throughout. Our teachers are constantly utilizing the latest technologies to help enable a modern and dynamic learning environment.

Residence & Homestay Placement

MIA provides students with a safe and comfortable residence facility that is conveniently located near subways and buses for quick and easy transportation to the school and around the city. We also help place students in MIA approved homestays for a different housing option. Click here!

Reasonable Tuition Fees

Our tuition fees allows the opportunity for students to realize their dreams of education abroad at a reasonable cost to them and their families.

All Year Round Enrollment

MIA operates on a tri-semester system, which enables our students to register year round. Our semesters start in September, January, and April and our Summer School program begins in July and August. At our North York Campus, we run a fast-track program that allows students to enroll every 7 weeks. Click here!

Small Classes

Our small classes afford opportunities for the respect and recognition of student achievement. Our class sizes range between 15-25 students, allowing more time for students to interact and communicate in the class while developing independent reasoning, and creative thinking skills.


Advanced Placement (AP) Program

Advanced Program (AP) is most enrichment learning program in North America, which consists of a year-long course of enriched study in a specific subject, followed by an exam in May. The purpose is to prepare our graduates for better academic success in their university studies.


High University and College Entrance Rate

Each year approximately 300 students graduate from MIA and successfully enter top Canadian and U.S. universities and colleges. 20% of our graduates receive University Entrance Scholarships between CAD $500.00 to $10,000.00. based on their superior academic achievements.

University Alliances in Canada

In Canada, we are affiliated with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba. These universities offer our graduates direct admission providing that they complete six Grade 12 courses (including English Gr. 12) with a minimum average of 70%. If they achieve a minimum grade of 70% in ENG4U (English Gr. 12), English proficiency requirements (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS etc...) will be waived. Clcik here


American University Affiliation

McDonald International Academy is affiliated with the State University of New York at New Paltz (SUNY). Our graduates are ensured a placement in SUNY if they have completed six grade 12 courses, with a minimum average of 60%.