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Students are always welcome for any assistance they may need, both academically and beyond. 

Administrative Support

University and College Application Assistance

One of the most important aspects of a students' academic experience is their preparation for post-secondary education. MIA is directly linked with OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre), and OCAS (Ontario College Application Services) to facilitate quick and accurate mark submission, making your University/College application processthatmucheasier.MIAofferscomprehensiveguidanceandpersonaladviceforallstudentsinordertoguide them properly during application process. University and college representatives from across Canada visit our campusthroughouttheyear to promotetheir programsandrecruitMIAgraduates.

Course Planning and Personal Care

From the first day they arrive at MIA, students are given a comprehensive personalized study plan based on each individual's academic dreams and goals. Guidance counsellors are always available to advise students on course selection, university/college applications, career guidance and more. We understand that for many students this is their first time living apart from their home and their families so we do our upmost to make students feel secure and happy during their time with us. At MIA, students come to think of us as family and we in turn proudly feel the same.

International Student Services


Our friendly and multi-lingual staff shares your excitement in experiencing a new country and environment. They work diligently to make your transition into a new culture and education system as smooth as possible. MIA provides the following services:

  • Orientation to Canada and MIAMIA Convo 2013 222
  • Airport pick up & drop off arrangement
  • English assessment placement
  • Banking, medical care and community support information
  • Visa application extension
  • Assistance with Immigration Canada
  • Guardianship
  • And much more!


Residence Program

MIA's residence is located in a safe and quiet neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Toronto. Students live in a shared apartment style dormitory. Conveniently close to the city's subway and bus lines, providing easy access to MIA's Downtown and North York Campuses. Nearby, numerous amenities, attractions and services are available for students. Premises are under 24 Hour video surveillancewith Wi-Fi and weekly cleaning included.





MIA provides full-service, high qualit homestay program for students who are interested in staying with a family during their studies here. The most hospitable MIA approved Canadian families are matched to students' preferences to ensure their satisfaction.


MIA believes that learning extends beyond the classroom. Being a part of an active on campus community is an important part of each student's social and academic experience. Throughout the year, the school organizes a wide variety of exciting sport and cultural activities around the city, such as watching Blue Jays Baseball or Toronto Raptor's Basketball. Visiting the sights of Toronto such as the CN Tower, The Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Day trips to Niagara Falls, Canada's Wonderland and weekend excursions to Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec City are also available throughout the year

To help students feel at home and become involved at MIA, the school organizes a Welcome Party at the beginning of the school year to help students get to know each other and make new friends. MIA also organizes annual Thanks giving, Halloween and Christmas parties to celebrate the spirit of Canadian holidays.

Our annual MIA Prom is the highlight of our school year and not to be missed! Students celebrate together for a formal dinner and dance that always promises to be a magical night.

The school year comes to a close with our Graduation Ceremony where we come together to acknowledge the academic achievements over the past year.


 At MIA we encourage an active social community amongst our students and promote this through many special interest clubs headed by our staff. We currently have a Music Club, Dance Club, Foodie Club, Yearbook Club, and Chess Club just to name a few with new clubs forming all the time!


Each year, we form a student council to allow our students to have input in their school. Student council helps organize and promote various events around the school, making every year fun and fresh!