Testimonials (2)


Tatiana Malygina

I started by looking for an accredited and highly-reputable secondary school whereby I could be granted admission to one of Canada’s best universities. Thanks to MIA, I was granted an early admission to Rotman School of Business at the faculty of Arts at the University of Toronto. That’s not all, I was also offered a scholarship by the University of Toronto to study Management and economics. Thank you MIA.


 Andrea Maldonado


I was so happy to have completed all my preparation courses at MIA in June, 2014 where I – upon my graduation from MIA – was granted an early admission to McGill University. One of the best in North America. My Teachers at MIA were very helpful and they taught from their hearts not their books.

Thank you MIA.


Kuofei Mao

I completed all my university preparation courses at MIA in June 2014, and thanks to my outstanding achievement at MIA, I was granted an early admission to McMaster’s Engineering Program. I loved the learning environment at MIA. My teachers were inspiring and very influential. Every member at MIA had his/her own two cents to add, and the outcome was awesome. Thank you MIA.



Yun Tang

I graduated from MIA in March 2014 and upon graduation, I was granted admission to the Coop Management program at the University of Toronto and was awarded an entrance scholarship. I was also offered a place to study at the University of Western Ontario, York and McMaster. I then realized the value of the OSSD offered to me by MIA. I am really grateful.