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Established in 1994, McDonald International Academy (MIA) is a fully registered and accredited secondary school inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

MIA has been selected into the TOP50 best private school in Canada

MIA is a vibrant academic and social community, boasting the highest North American standards through a collaborative effort from teachers and students alike. We employ the latest teaching methods and technological aids to provide students with superior educational opportunities.

Since our inception, over 20,000 students from over 50 countries have graduated from MIA and have successfully been accepted into universities and colleges in Canada and all around the world.

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All teachers at our school have comprehensive knowledge and extensive teaching experience within their specific subjects and hold Ontario Teaching Certificates.

MIA implements guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Education and works with various education consultants that help guide our teachers and staff. MIA also believes learning extends beyond the classroom and incorporates many field trips throughout the year to facilitate real world learning. A variety of courses are offered at MIA, enabling students to take the specific subjects required to prepare them for their post-secondary education.

MIA operates on a tri-semester system, which enables our students to register year-round. Our semesters start in September, January, and April and our Summer School program begins in July and August. At our North York Campus, we run a fast-track program that allows students to enroll every 7 weeks.

MIA provides students with a safe and comfortable residence facility that is conveniently located near subways and buses for quick and easy transportation to the school and around the city. We also help place students in MIA approved homestays for a different housing option.

MIA’s campuses are equipped with state of the art computer labs, flat screen TV’s in classrooms to facilitate interactive learning and free Wi-Fi throughout. Our teachers are constantly utilizing the latest technologies to help enable a modern and dynamic learning environment.

At MIA, we believe in providing care and support beyond the classroom for our students, ranging from opening bank accounts to providing guidance on their university applications. We are here for you every step of the way, even after you graduate and enter university!



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What do students say about MIA?


“My experience in MIA cannot be described with words. I loved the patience and caring that our teachers give us every moment. What I enjoyed the most were the school trips where we had more time to get to know each other and have fun aside all the school work. It makes me really proud of the fact I had the opportunity to grow as a person in MIA.”

Katherine Lara, Cuba (Ryerson University)

“My experience with this fantastic school has been flawless. As a mother sending her son overseas, I was extremely nervous and worried. However,  Bader kept telling me how helpful the staff are which make M.I.A my recommendation to all parents sending their children overseas for good education.”

Houda Kansour, Mother of Bader Jaamour – Syria (McMaster University)

“I came to Canada in 2015. I studied in MIA for almost one year, all the teachers are professional and they are trying everything possible to help students to succeed. There are many extracurricular activities and student clubs, including dance club, singing club, student union. Most importantly, MIA has excellent academic counsellors to help students choose courses to better prepare for future university studies. After graduation, I was admitted to the University of Toronto, St. George with decent scholarship in 2016. What I learned in MIA influences me as a person not just a high school student. I had a great learning experience in MIA.”

Elaine Wang, China (University of Toronto)

“Being part of the MIA family gives one a sense of belonging to a family far away from home. Due to low numbers of students per class, I was able to enjoy personal and effective help from the teachers who offered undivided attention each time I would experience any difficulty in class. Being at McDonald International Academy allowed me to join one of the most prestigious Universities in Canada.”

Erwan Kira, Burundi (University of Western)
“Some of the best years of my life was at MIA, from the clubs to the outdoor trips to the greatest Play I’ve ever been a part of, Grease! I genuinely enjoyed the accompany, teachings and the advices given to me by all the teachers alike. The biggest and best impression was always from Justin and Rosali, the best teachers one could ask for. Thank you for all the joyous moments of fun when we had our musical performances, dancing, and karaoke. MIA was the best school I could’ve ever asked for to enroll with.”

Adam Ly, Vietnam (York University)

“Being at MIA taught me how to interact with other cultures and get to know them better. The parties and house games made the school more fun for me. The most important factor for me were the teachers and staff who showed a lot of kindness towards me and taught me a lot. !”

Ali Jafari, Iran (Ryerson University)

“I had an incredible year at MIA! I have met awesome teachers who are very supportive and understanding. I received all the help I needed at any time thanks to the staff at school. MIA gave me a year of experience that helped me get to where I am today and I am so grateful!”

Linh Tran, Vietnam (Ryerson University)

“While the learning is comprehensive and competitive to prepare us for university, I was more overwhelmed by the nurturing environment this school provides. Being an international student living far away from home, it is refreshing to be a part of a school with teachers and staff that genuinely care for your well-being, not just academically, but on all levels.”

Mich Zeng, China (McMaster University)

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laura li
laura li
I enjoyed my time at MIA. The teachers are very helpful and students there are like good friends, helping each other a lot. The school arranged various social clubs for us to have fun. I had a great time at school.
Linh Tran
Linh Tran
I had a great high school experience here. The teachers and staff were all so nice and caring. It was a great learning experience and a wonderful environment to grow as a young student just landed in Canada.
Gavin L
Gavin L
Love Sam
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