Sofia Yuen, MD, MBA

She and her sister, Cindy Yuen are both graduates of MIA in 2001. The two were originally from Taiwan and attended elementary school and junior high school in California, USA. In 1999, they came to Canada to attend high school at McDonald International Academy in Toronto. As ambitious and positive young women, Sofia and Cindy were able to exceed their academic requirements every year and were able to complete the three-year course in two years, which [...]

Cherry Qijin Feng

JPMorgan Chase, Shanghai Huangpu District Investment Banking Venture Partner (Investment banking FIG CRGAssociate), is a 2009 graduate of Canada's McDonald International Academy. Cherry came to Toronto from Changchun, China, to study at McDonald International Academy in 2008. With her smart mind, solid academic foundation, perseverance and perseverance in learning attitude, she has always ranked first in the class in all subjects and has been very successful. She almost passed the language test and graduated with honors [...]

Luke Zhu

He is a 2005 graduate of our MIA. He is currently a professor and project director at the Schulich School of Business at York University. He enrolled in Canada's McDonald International Academy Preparatory Course in April 2004, graduated in June 2005, and entered the Rhodes University of Toronto in September of the same year - Mann School of Business. In the highly competitive Rotman, he stood out and completed the four-year college course in only three years, [...]

Bader Bowen Cao

Thank you MIA for opening my door to the world! Bowen currently lives in Milan, Italy. She has 15+ years of experience and resources specializing in global government-enterprise public relations (PR), visits to Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs at home and abroad, business docking and investment. The companies she is involved in include international organizations, Chinese-funded multinational enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, etc., including serving as an official at the United Nations Headquarters in Germany. Bowen's master's [...]